Friday, April 18

Bad Friends, Bad Gigs

Another week, another dose of fun stuff from Teen Vogue!

Now, unless you're an angsty 17-year-old who lives in a bedroom down the hall from his or her birth creators, you probably can't use this article to much of your advantage. Unless, of course, you're dating someone who hates your friends. Or you hate your boyfriend's friends. Or your girlfriend's friends are so terrible that you've faked the stomach flu so you don't have to go to a dive bar with them. Sound at all familiar? Wish you were good enough at lying to use stomach flu as a fake excuse? Congrats! This article can totally apply to you, too. Because whenever someone says "you'll grow to like them!", it's never followed by anything other than never growing to like them.

Help is here, pal. Help is right here.

I'm not gonna lie, guys. I'm not good at a lot of things. In case that's not evident from everything I've ever written on here, I'll reinforce it: sticky situations with characters who hold more authority than you turn my stomach into garlic knots. I'm currently sitting at a table in a "private members club" without a member, and I've got a Yelp-rated pizza business opening up shop in my tummy right now.

If you're at all nervous about quitting a job, good! You should be, because if you're not, you're either a zombie-human or just horrifically unafraid of conflict. As someone who has had a lot of jobs (I can't pick an industry, so sue me*), I've also had to leave a lot of those jobs for other jobs I'd eventually leave. So, my knowledge of having the world's trickiest conversation is actually more vast than I'd like to admit — and that's where you benefit. Bookmark this for a dark day, the happiest day of your life, or just a day when you've decide you've had enough,and you'll handle The Talk like a seasoned pro. No need to burn a bridge while you've just finished crossing it, right? Take it from me, and make sure you breeze out of there in the best way possible.

(*Except legal, I won't work in legal)

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