Thursday, July 3

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Things I should be doing:
Updating this.

Things I am not doing:

I know, I know. Life is busy! Finding time for anything besides complaining about exercise is tough! Freelance living as someone who manages her time poorly is trickay trickay, so my dream editorial outline of glorious posts to update here every day (serious!) is taking to the backburner for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, though, I recommend popping over to Instagram, where i regularly use the geometric shape of a square to completely humiliate myself and my existence.

And, because I'm a Grade A dummy, I've somehow never mentioned the young olfactory child I birthed, my podcast, Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

We're on Episode 6. I'm *THE WORST*. But hey, that means you've got all holiday weekend to update yourself on these beauts and all the brilliant things they have to say. Get it below, get it on iTunes, just make sure to do-it-to-it.

And last but not least, keep popping your head into them issues of US Weekly! My jokes being in there is more reliable than me updating this space this month. (Sad, but true.)



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