Tuesday, December 16

Fashion Police — 12/22/14

I've been posting these every other week to Instagram, but considering that shit's too small to read, I'm migrating my LOLs here for keeps. So! In this week's issue of Us Weekly, one of those girls who is related to other girls gets in a fight with some guy, Taylor Swift wears a t-shirt and Mariah cries because she now has to completely reorganize her closet-partment to make up for the space where Nick Cannon's stuff once was.

But also...Fashion Police!

(click image to enlarge)

My friend and Twitter virtuoso Ryan Patricks is now on staff, and is so good at this that I might just bow out in order to make more room for him. But, then again, if Gwen Stefani keeps dressing like a Japanese video game's image library, I don't think I'd be able to silence myself for long.

Stay tuned for the year-end round-up! Boy oh boy, I hope Chris Brown's on it...

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