Monday, January 26

Fancy Sweatpants, Ann Taylor Loft and Punctuations

My best friend Darla has been trying to convince me for years that Ann Taylor LOFT is cool, but because of my urge to disagree and inherent dislike for graduating to a non-teen mall store, I never believed her. Imagine my surprise when we stumbled into the store while shopping on a trip to Charleston together last fall, and I found myself blown away by where all the cute adult clothes I've needed forever had been hiding. (All hanging out there, together, without me!) Coincidentally, their in-house brand Lou & Grey had reached out to me to do a bit of writing just one day earlier, so as all kismet-touched events tend to be, this one was no less magical.

Fast forward a handful of months and a couple of seasons later, and an ode to every high school volleyball player and outbound flight passenger's bottoms of choice, the sweatpants, was born. It's a beautiful diatribe on the varied history and inspirational moments in the life of the fleece sets, and tees up the miraculous invention that is the "work jogger", a comfy cozy sweat that with enough attitude and the right top, can be worn to the office for extreme cozy.

If you don't own one of these, you are seriously missing out on a level of unprecedented comfort on par with feather duvets and officially backing out of bikini wax appointments. Check out the future of daytime comfort over on their blog, The Ampersand, and if you don't believe me that the sweats are so G.D. important, then just take a look at this:

So, so, so cute. Lou & Grey's got more likes than all of mine from this year combined on this bad boy. See? Trash your jorts and miniskirts: these joggers are all you'll ever need. (Besides a pile of snacks to curl up on the couch with.)

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