Friday, January 9

Lizzie Rises Again!

I had a baby! Well, sort of. It's not human, covered in mucus or destined to become an obnoxious teenager, but it definitely kept me up at night, demands tons of my time and fills me with joy. It's LIZZIE WHO LIVES IN HER CAR, the play I co-wrote with Alexandra Fiber, and after its first ~*~sold out~*~ performance, it's 'bout to burst through the vaginal walls of New York City yet again!

If you're in the New York City area, bust a move over to the PIT on Thursday, January 22 to get a whole load of Lizzie Carmichael moving into her car and on with her life:

Cough up $5 here to get a peek at this joy explosion in person. All pertinent details and fancy credits below.


Written by Alexandra Fiber and Carlye Wisel
Directed by Alison Agosti (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Alexandra Fiber (SRSLY, Glamour)
Caralyn Stone (FX's Fargo, Garlic Jackson Comedy, Trashed Out)
Anna Callegari (UCB host of BYOT, Garlic Jackson Comedy, Broad City)
Sam Klemmer (Above Average, Garlic Jackson Comedy, College Humor)
Carlye Wisel (Awkward City, Why We Can't Have Nice Things Podcast)

Thursday, January 22 at The PIT Theatre NYC, 8pm $5 bones

Go! go. Go!

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