Thursday, January 8

Snapchat Sequin Shame

New year means new writing, new essays and new tales of incredibly embarrassing woe. My latest story for Racked is about the hilarious and insane time my sparkly outfit got shit-talked on Snapchat and made its way back to me. Even more insane? I'm not the only person this has happened to. I'm not a famous person, a big-name style blogger or the face of a brand, but somehow a pap-style photo wound up traveling from a tourist's iPhone to mine in no less than four hours without my knowledge.

(Fun fact: it was oddly the same dress I posted about in December, but I promise, I own more than just one ridiculous sequin item.)

Give it a read, find out how it went down and enjoy how people are still shaming me in the comments section for wearing something I don't see anything wrong with. But hey, it's all good — if you think my outfit is a platform for your judgements, you don't know what I want to think about your Facebook profile photo.

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