Friday, February 20

Surf & Turf

I went surfing in winter and didn't even have to shimmy my body into a wetsuit. If this sounds like a dream come true, well, that's because it is. I dropped by SurfSet New York City to get my swerve on in the dead of winter, and it was, uh, the most awesome. I don't want to spoil the story, but rest easy knowing SurfSet has expanded like crazy, and there's most definitely one in a neighborhood near you.

For all things surfing, I'll direct you to the story on Racked. For all other important things, well, just take a quick glance below:

Do you see that?!?! A flattering photo of me working out?! I'm not a Victoria's Secret model planking in patterned graphite leggings. I'm a regular schmo with a significant amount of "trouble areas", and this picture came out grrrreat.

Granted, that wonky eye is only part-glasses, part-unsymmetrical face, but Racked's staff photographer really killed it on this one. This post was also somewhat brought to you by the sample queens over at Sephora, though, who told me to mix this luminizing thing with my foundation and I'd look all JLO dewy and they were right. Sephora and I are totally OTP. After all, corporations are people, right?

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