Monday, February 2

I See London, I See France, I See Me Holding Underpants

Lingerie confuses me. I wear a bra that is categorically considered athletic wear on the regular, buy underwear based on utility, not style, and have never found the answer to my question of "but when do you even put this...on?"

But, then a collegiate-level lesson came courtesy of a genius in the field of nether region coverings. I spent a morning with Journelle founder Claire Chambers for Racked, and she made me see the light about bodysuits, assless underwear and peek-a-boob bras. Are people really wearing this cool-ass stuff under their clothes? Is it weird that I buy my bras at Free People? It's looking like I gotta step my game up and invest in some of these thingamajigs stat.

One quick question, though — it still counts if I wear these under my NKOTB nightgown...right?

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