Thursday, March 19


I put on my finest two-piece pajama suit to give you the 411 on precisely why I'm so against keeping a home clean as a whistle. Some of these arguments have been honed over the years, back when a path had to be carved from door to mattress in my childhood bedroom (the good ol' cluttered days!), but for years since then, too, I've had rage face towards anything involving keeping a home shiny-clean. And, as it's morphed from being someone else's home to my very own, where the stakes are higher, I still can't seem to put a dish in the dishwasher without being forced to do so.

I'd tell you more about what's going on in that snippy above, but I definitely have a deadline in the next 12 hours that is nowhere near being met so I gotta hop hippy hop to it. (Employers: I swear I'll be better next time.) 'Til that starts, I'll direct you towards that leisure suit-clad woman with the over-the-top lipstick for more. She's nice and can't figure out how to make this video less fuzzy, but she made contouring happen so she doesn't give a fuq.

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