Monday, March 23

Hermit Status: Broken

YES YES Y'ALL, I fuckin' did it. I left my house in winter. And best part is? I didn't even have to do it that often to stick to this social diet. If I was Kanye-ing my story for you, I'd rap something like:

Make plans, book 'em right / show up, keep your friendships tight / birthday parties, never front / tell 'em no and make it blunt / They call me Head & Shoulders 'cuz / I won't flake like your girl does / So pen it in and I'll be there / Ooooooh, check out that Gcal flair!

Anyone know a greeting card company hiring? These rhymes gotta go somewhere. I'll check back after my chiropractor appointment that I'll be *on time for*. KILLING IT.

Check out the story over on Racked!

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