Monday, March 9

High-Low, Just How It Goes.

I've spent the majority of the past four days slaving away at taxes in my living room. I've taken to such extreme measures of boredom that not only did I begin watching Season 1, Episode 1 of Fraiser because I'm caught up on *every sitcom on television*, but my eyeballs are burning from extreme screen time staring at an endless Google Spreadsheets window wherein I reinforce how very, very without money I am when I write off a $1.29 app downloaded from iTunes back in February of 2014.

It's a sad, sad showcase, especially when Moda Operandi is touting their newest season wares all over every social outcry on the web. I successfully avoided their shop-o-rama until a friend sent me the retail price for their much-Instagrammed headphones — a bonkers $7095 — and I found myself in a downward spiral, dropping my jaw at kill-yourself good lipstick heels and ridiculous arts and crafts dresses.

But, the Dolce & Gabbana look that unhinged me most from reality was this insane-o white doodle gown shown near the end of the show:

Yeah, ok, it's a bit much — even without the $8,995 price tag — but can you imagine if this was on the shelf when I was shopping for a wedding dress?! I almost could have made an excuse to buy it. Sure, I'd still be sitting here, on the carpet, writing off $4.55 of Post-Its from Staples because I'm bad at saving money and even worse at keeping track of it, but what a dream it would be to wear a doodle dress in all of my photos and terrify every living relative in the process. I know, that's not what weddings are about, but until I find some other reason to justify this get-up, I'll be sitting here, writing off dollar by dollar, dreaming of how I can afford that gown.

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