Friday, April 3

Free Photos Of My Ass (You're Welcome)

For this month's installment of my Racked exercise column, I visited OrangeTheory, my new favorite exercise studio, and kind of found it to be the perfect exercise for someone with my level of cardio need and ADD tendencies.

I'm big-time into the workout — you can read all about it here — but I'm even more taken by the hilarious fact that I brought a couple of gals along for the trial class, and that really pretty photo in the essentially the public internet debut of my and all my friends' butts. See:

^^^that's my butt!

that's my butt again!^^^

Now, because of how my eyes were plopped into my skull, I've never seen my butt while working out, but I'm pleased to know my magic no-line underwear are *clearly* doing their job. (What, you think I'm wearing a thong? Please, it's enough that I put on illuminator to be photographed while jogging.) They're these, they're amazing, and yes, my mom found them first and is always right.

Check out the story, buy the underwear, and try wearing makeup next time you work out. It's a good "fuck you" to have in your back pocket for a studio you hate that happens to have white towels.

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