Wednesday, April 8

Mickey, Minnie and Me

Newsflash: I am anal. I didn't know I was anal, though, until I planned my bachelorette party. Yes, that sentence should send off tiny red flags in your mind, because who plans their own celebration for themselves being in love? (Me, I do.) The thing is, navigating Disney as an adult who has eschewed child goals (dine at Be Our Guest, ride Peter Pan's flight, get a picture with Elsa) for adult ones (successfully drink around Epcot's World Showcase, fit nine girls into one hotel room without them murdering each other, stay up until 3am) means that you have to plan, and plan a *lot*. Sure, it all paid off — despite the veritable monsoon we were stuck in, the weekend went off perfectly — but even more so, I learned how to organize a Disney vacation like a master mom boss.

Thankfully, my newfound wisdom coincided with Travel + Leisure's gorgeous new redesign, so I dropped some knowledge on their newly beautified website. I cannot believe how much one needs to know about Disney World just to visit Disney World, so hopefully, this will help someone else go a bit longer without having to realize they, too, are insanely anal.

Doing the Lord's work here, people. Doin' it.

Check the story out on Travel + Leisure, and mourn regular lack of churros along with me at our insane Instagram hashtag collective, #OurFriendCarlyeIsGettingMarriedSoWeAreInDisney. Seriously, we had a helluva time:

Sigh. If only there could be Mickey ice cream bars at the wedding, too...

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Ankita Verma said...

Thanks for this beautiful pic of Disneyland.

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