Monday, July 20


I know you assume a honeymoon spent in Tokyo would consist of force-feeding each other slices of raw salmon like The Lady & The Tramp splitting a bowl of pasta, but the truth is, there's so much more than nibbles of fish to be had. And no, I'm not talking about the gyoza (!) or the coffee (!) or even the Japanese breakfasts (!!) — I'm talking about the muesli.

Yes. The muesli.

Truth be told, it's a whole thing and it involves fashionable New Yorkers, a favorite website and even a bit of a last-minute-hungover chef breakfast. Oh, and the best muesli on the god damn planet that will make you want to rush to the Park Hyatt Tokyo straight from the plane, and not just for Sofia Coppola vibes.

Check it out over on Travel + Leisure!

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