Monday, July 13


All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend. Only, if you're me, you gotta replace "girlfriend" with "the ability to use a plastic card to purchase toys and treats online because lol currency is imaginary anyway." For a while there, I was spending more importing a subscription box filled with magical surprises and treasures from the UK than I was on, erm, anything else, so I dove a little deeper, found a few more fantasticals and rounded 'em all up for Travel + Leisure. (Ooh, I like typing that plus, it's way more satisfying than an &. Also, who would give an ampersand such a cool name when it doesn't even use letters? It's like they want you to use a + and refer to an ampersand as a fully-formed, spelled out word.)

Anyway, I digress — if you want to know about the coolest donuts, unicorn poop macaroons, and even that magical subscription delivery service I'm obsessed with (which, sadly, no longer delivers to the US but you can buy items individually don't panic or nothin'!!!), head on over to that site that's named for my two favorite hobbies, Travel + Leisure. There's even an all-cereal cafe that lets you put candy in your cereal bowl. CANDY for breakfast! Breakfast for dinner! EVERYTHING'S HAPPENING FOR US!

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