Wednesday, August 12

C'mon Take A Ride With Me

Q: Why did the tree hop a Greyhound Bus without telling his family?
A: Because he had to leaf town!

Ok, ok, my Hallmark-ian career is over before it even began, but there is tons of cool crap you can do without being given a back-of-hand pat-down from the seething TSA lady who hates you and your metal-buckle shoes. In my latest for Travel + Leisure, I hand over some solid suggestions for making it a weekend to remember, right down to free-for-all pools, quirky hotel boat stays and my ultimate favorite: *AmUsEmEnTs*! You can and should, even, hop aboard a swing ride if there's one in your city, which happens to be my *all-time favorite pastime* and total cowinkydink that T+L chose that picture above all others. (They're just cool like that.)

Check it out over on Travel + Leisure!

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