Tuesday, August 18


Some people spend their summer weekends poolside, catching up on articles in the Times that they'll wind up referencing days later. Others board a bus for the Hamptons and drink watermelon-tequila concoctions until the Sunday night sun sets.

But little old me? Well, this past weekend, I sat in a library, crouched over a laptop for hours on end, monitoring Twitter feeds and watching choppy, few-and-far-between livestreams from the back rows of panels happening at Disney's fan conference D23 Expo in Anaheim.

As you've probably heard, lots of stuff went down, but with so, so, so many things announced, you probably missed at least one. Like, the Toy Story slinky dog rollercoaster, or how the bioluminescent Pandora land in Florida is going to be the most incredible thing you've likely ever seen with human eyes.

But, thankfully, that research weekend paid off, because now you can get a glimpse at everything that went down without having to participate in cosplay or wait in never-ending lines. (Isn't the internet grand?)

Check all the new, exciting Disney news straight from the floors of D23 over at Travel + Leisure.

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