Thursday, August 13


People often ask me what kind of writing I do, and I'm unsure of how to answer. It's a mash-up between travel and fashion and strong opinions, sure, but it? Am I simply a purveyor of weird, a spelunker into the deep bizarre corners of the internet? I am partially guinea pig to the oddest entities of modern human life, but moreso, I get high from writing about something first, before anyone else.

While I usually stammer my way through leaving everyone to believe, ugh, that I do nothing with my time besides get manicures and pilates (that was ONLY TODAY I SWEAR), my hours of late-night Instagram dilly-dallying have lead me to the weirdest discovery as of late: Chi-So NYC, a art project-lunch box-vegan bento-rice jar thing that is seriously blowing my mind from its uniqueness and divine flavor.

I don't want to spoil all the sillies so I'll let you in on the secret -- over at Eater.

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