Wednesday, September 28

Welcome to Awkward City!

If you feel like you're in a time capsule to 2010, don't worry! It's me, not you. This site was supposed to be redesigned and relaunched about, oh, 18 months ago, but things got a lil' hectic and nothing has happened on the front end (or sadly, the backend either.)

If you're new here, this site reflects nothing of what I do now, which is professionally write about theme parks. I sincerely apologize, since this ol' thing should at least point you in the direction of recent stories...and doesn't.

I will soon — oh boy, empty promises — be rehashing this baby into a full-fledged fun zone with more theme park nonsense than a parade-hungry seven-year-old is hankering for, but 'til then...I gotta focus on the bill-paying deadlines first.

Catch me on Travel + Leisure, or around the webs, until this is a shiny glorious place once again.

And, of course, ugh, sorry.

all my everythings,

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