Carlye Wisel is a writer, blogger, and fashion comedian living in New York City.
Carlye Wisel wasn't always discussing things like bathtub cupcake eating and Beetlejuice swag, though.
Carlye Wisel used to be in the music industry.
Carlye Wisel ran a company Twitter account her bosses didn't know about & updated Jennifer Lopez's site.
Carlye Wisel was always the first person in the conference room when there were leftover sandwiches.
Carlye Wisel then wrote about musicians & interviewed a ton of them on camera in a spare office closet.
Carlye Wisel liked interviewing rappers the best, especially this one, this one and this one.
Carlye Wisel also interviewed Mick Jagger, which was the hardest thing in the world to get dressed for.
Carlye Wisel now writes a lot about food and funny people and even more about fashion.
Carlye Wisel pens silly, sassy articles about life that appeal to fantastic 20-somethin' gals.
Carlye Wisel also contributes to the Fashion Police section to US Weekly here and there.
Carlye Wisel hopes you enjoy those jokes in the waiting room of your adult orthodontist.
Carlye Wisel still clearly has no idea how to talk about herself, despite that being her entire career.
Carlye Wisel's legs aren't as thin as they look in that photo, but let's just pretend, ok?
Carlye Wisel wants you to say hello.


steph chen said...


Esther Levy-Chehebar said...

So happy I found your blog via The Man Repeller. Recently began contributing to 'em as well.

RIYKA said...

You put a smile on my face, on a very shitty day, thanks so much, love from London

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