Carlye Wisel has contributed to Racked, US Weekly, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, ASOS, Man Repeller, The Hairpin, NY Mag, Fathom, Madewell and Zagat, among others.

In general, she dresses like a daytime clown, eats more than any human should, and likes doing things you don't like to do and writing about them. She also has a lot of opinions about everything, ranging from exercise classes to ugly fashion to how damn hard it is to find a good concealer.

Here are some of her favorite stories and clips. If she was a band from the '80s doing a reunion tour, these are the songs she would play. (Just the hits!):

Longer Stuff:
Life As A Shut-In: I Survived A Week Relying Only On Delivery Apps
Hugs, Bugs, Kale: Finding Your Center At Adult Sleepaway Camp
Meet Hannah Lux Davis, The 28-Year-Old Director Ruling The Music Video World
I Was Fashion Shamed on Snapchat
The Guide To Every Nerd Boyfriend You've Ever Dreamed Of

Shorter Stuff:
I Own Nothing, Or How Renting Fancy Bags Changed My Life
Everything I Know I Learned From Seinfeld
Why Getting Rejected By The Hottest Guy In School Was A Good Thing
I Got Fired From My First Job — And No, It Didn't Ruin My Life
The Ambitious Eater's Guide to San Francisco
How To Not Look Tired, From The Busy Women Who Always Are

Video Stuff:

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